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A decision to actively participate in your health care

Who chooses Personalized Medical Care?
• Healthy patients who want first-class preventive medical attention
• Patients who have chronic health problems who recognize the importance of comprehensive, coordinated, personalized health care
• Busy professionals who want a new level of health care, one that offers convenient, no waiting visits
• Families who want “on-call” physician access 24 hours a day
• Individuals who value premium medical care
• Patients interested in building a relationship with their physician

For our patients we are returning to an era before “primary care” doctors became mere “gatekeepers.” A time when, instead of just letting you through “the gate” into the medical system when necessary and then loosing track of what happens, your physician remained involved in all aspects of your specialty and sub-specialty care, explaining the purpose, objective and reason for each consultation and how it would serve your overall health.

Personalized Medical Care offers you all the benefits of having a private physician at an affordable cost. Dr. Aline is on active medical staff at both St. John’s Regional Medical Center and Community Memorial Hospital of San Buenaventura. We offer you multi-faceted medical care based on the tradition of personal patient interaction.

This is the first and only personalized health care program in west Ventura County. Because of the individualized nature of our practice, new patient enrollment will be limited. Interested individuals will be accepted into the program on a first-come basis. We encourage you to book a free informational consultation early, to ensure priority acceptance into the program. If you are ready for the dawn of a new era in medicine, we invite you to join us at Personalized Medical Care.

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