personalized medical care
personal medical care
personalized medical care personalized medical care
personalized medical care


 ●You will have your physician available to you    24/7.

 ●You will speak to a person who knows you    when calling the office.

 ●You will be helped by a courteous receptionist    during office hours.

 ●You will find a friendly staff dedicated to your    needs.

 ●You will have your phone messages returned    promptly.

 ●You will be seen within one business day even    for routine visits.

 ●You will experience little or no waiting time    when you arrive.


 ●You will find a tranquil office environment with    luxurious amenities.
 ●You will have a comprehensive medication    review to avoid medication interactions.
 ●You will receive an annual comprehensive    preventive physical examination, with body fat    analysis & body mass index calculations; diet    and dietary supplement education.
 ●You will be invited to participate in    Personalized Wellness and Nutrition planning.

  ●You will experience relaxed extended office    visits.

  ●You will have the availability of after hours    office visits (by appointment.)


 ●We will coordinate your medical needs    during travels & vacations.

 ●Phone consultations will be available to you    (as will E-mail consultations.)

 ●You will have access to our website to keep    you current on medical trends and issues.
 ●I will interact with your medical specialists    and be involved in your hospitalizations to    streamline your care.

 ●You will receive a full explanation of your    treatment options and medical records.

 Office Visits

 •Guaranteed on-time appointments assure efficient use of your time.

 •Generous consultations, allowing sufficient time to fully address your needs    and concerns.

 •Comprehensive patient education

 •Enhanced use of educational material that clearly explains your condition   and treatment plan.

 •Clear communication to ensure your understanding of medical terms.

 •Medical liaison to filter new health information delivered by the media.

 •All test results (even when normal) are communicated to you via mail or   personally from your physician.

 •If desired, a copy of your tests.
  We encourage you to call or email with any health questions or concerns.

 Physician Availability

 Immediate Personal Service

 By carefully selecting a maximum of 300 patients, you will be able to  schedule unhurried, same/next day appointments at your convenience.
 You will be provided with my personal cell phone as well as email address in  order to easily contact me after normal business hours.
 During normal business hours, you will have ready access to your physician  and his or her staff.

 Normal business hours are usually 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM EST Monday through  Friday.
 Emergency Room Services

 When medically necessary, Dr. Aline will meet you at the hospital for the  purpose of assisting in the coordination of your care.

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