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A Personal Physician Who Knows You

Regain control and effectiveness of your health care
We are all frustrated by the current impersonal, rushed, ineffective medical healthcare system. A physician typically provides care for 2500 to 3000 patients and with insurance reimbursements decreasing each year a doctor must see more patients each day. Our office is different. Our new practice is limited to just 300 patients. We see far fewer people each day. Patients are greeted by name when they walk in the front door. When you join our practice, you notice a huge difference in the service and attention you receive.

Efficient and unhurried office visits
We schedule generous appointment times allowing all the time and attention you require. You will not be rushed out of the office with unanswered questions and concerns.

We are available: fitting your schedule and needs
Our appointment schedule is structured so you can be seen the same day. The next business day at the latest (if you called late in the day and you felt your problem was not urgent.) We make our schedule work around your needs, not ours.

Communication at your convenience
By their very nature medical problems usually require an in person examination. However some health concerns can be addressed speaking to the doctor, over the phone or via email. We strive to completely address your medical health issues and concerns in the manner most convenient and efficient for you.

Emphasis on healthy living
We do not just treat “dis-ease,” we advocate preservation of health. By addressing exercise, sleep quality, recreation activity, and relaxation issues alongside your medical problems; providing guidance on physical activity, diet, and lifestyle changes, we will foster a maximal state of health, minimizing the impact of any preexisting medical problems which you may have. We precisely utilize the latest, scientifically proven, evidence based, best medical practices in the treatment of patients with diabetes, hypertension, elevated cholesterol, depression, arthritis, heart failure, thyroid disorders and many other medical illnesses.

Congenial, considerate office staff
Service is the core of our practice. We set high standards for our entire office. You will never deal with rude, inconsiderate or rushed office personnel again.

Join us for a return to the days of old-fashioned medicine
Combining the best in a patient oriented service with the latest advances in medical technology, we are striving to return to a time when your doctor knew you and had the time to communicate your situation and needs to the other physicians involved in providing your care, and to demand from the medical system the best possible care for you, their patient.

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