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A Better Way to Preserve Your Health and Treat Illnesses

A better way for healthy people to maintain their health
The majority of patients who come to the doctor are in good health. Checking for hidden problems which, undetected, can create large problems later is one of the most important tasks occurring in a primary care office. We screen for cancer, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, neurological illnesses, and many other diseases. We work with you on weight management issues and achieving proper activity levels. I perform screening for conditions when screening has been scientifically proven to be of benefit, using the best current technologies. Screening will also be customized, based on your family history, lifestyle, risk factors, and current medical issues and concerns.

A better way for people needing treatment of their illnesses
Most people with chronic diseases spend an inordinate amount of time waiting; waiting at the lab to get their blood tests, waiting for x-rays, waiting at the doctor’s office. In a premium care practice these inefficiencies disappear. Flexible Appointment Scheduling, Blood Draws (phlebotomy) in the office, easy phone and email access, and extra time with the doctor are all key factors which improve outcomes. It is simple to make an appointment, no problem to get in and be seen, and easy to call later and discuss the results with your doctor.

High blood pressure
Utilizing home blood pressure monitors and the phone or email to follow up and adjust medication can supplement the office visit. This makes it vastly more efficient to achieve optimum control of hypertension. Nationwide, only one-third of patients with high blood pressure are adequately treated. In our office, over 90% of patients with high blood pressure have it under excellent control.

High Cholesterol
Understanding exactly what your cardiovascular risk is and exploring the myriad choices available to reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke. Convenient phlebotomy in the office, or use the lab a block away (They are open late and on weekends.) Followed by unrushed appointments to review and understand your results; in the office or over the phone. Our goal is to make it convenient and to not disrupt your schedule, yet provide paramount medical care.

Blood and other specimens can be collected at the office without waiting and forwarded to the laboratory for testing.

Is it Bronchitis, Pneumonia, Strep throat, the Influenza, or just a cold?
Is a prescription the response to each visit you make to the doctor? Do you really need that antibiotic every time you get a sore throat? Does your doctor take the time to distinguish viral from bacterial infections? Overuse of antibiotics can lead to resistant infections.

Avoid excessive or inadequate test ordering
Become an active participant in your medical care. A thoughtful diagnostic evaluation is always indicated: Not a total body MRI scan for every symptom. At other times patients are denied that critical diagnostic study because obtaining approval from the Health Insurance is too much hassle. When it comes to blood work, X-rays, and consultations your health is our only consideration. We neither gain money by ordering excessive tests nor do we lose by making a referral to a specialist.

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